A Walk Can Work Wonders To Our Bland Life.

Sauntering below the blue sky, hearing the buzzing of great mortals, treated with elderly rows of trees are some of the main attractions of a walk.

We created prisons in the form of concrete jungles; it hardly caters to our sensual mind. Often people lose the art of leisure communication once they are out of their offices. It not only poses a threat to our social life but to our personal growth too.

What is even more harrowing is that we are passing on this culture to our children. Their lives have been limited to school and the internet. The joys of nature are alien to them.

Acquiescence to materialism is not good for us. We must devote a fraction of our precious time into knowing nature, meeting strangers, playing in the playground, rolling in the mud, feeling the melodious calmness amid trees, and ultimately rejuvenate our tired soul.

A walk to the nearest park is the easiest and cheapest way to exonerate the day’s stress.

Breathing in the fresh air, strolling through the lush grass, and encountering new people work better than social media.

Parks are a tangible reflection of the quality of life of a community. They are excellent places to meet new people and do recreational activities.

They benefit people from all walks of life. You can go there for a jog or do yoga. There are many groups also which you can join and indulge in new hobbies.

Depression is spreading like an epidemic today. People like to suffer on their own instead of communing their problems with others.

A walk outside your cube can help you cope with depression. Often the solutions to most of our problems are simple, and by sharing we not only get the answer but cherish lifelong friends too.

Another factor of depression is low self-confidence. We feel insignificant and are afraid to speak up. Indulging in friendly talks with the park-goers can boost your confidence.

You can organize a little debate or speech session there and leave your fear of public speaking behind. It helps in building self-esteem when you convey your ideas to others.

Children benefit the most. They run and laugh, painting an jovial environment. It caters to their physical as well as mental development.

They learn to be emotionally strong and gel well with the changing societal rules. It is a great way for parents too to bond with their children, and understand them. A weekly outing also does wonders for your soaring family relationships.

Elderly people often feel left out as they reach the retirement stage. They reach the final stage of self-actualization according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

They feel unwanted once their careers end. To remove this gloom, they should visit parks every day.

When they meet new people, it opens a new world for them. They share their life experiences and feel proud of nurturing young minds.

Apart from physical fitness, they rejoice in the notion of sharing their experiences for the betterment of society.

A walk amid nature is like tasting the elixir of life which acts as a panacea to all our troubles or provides strength to cope with them.

So, it’s time to use those hanged boots and exit our cubes.

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