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Flipkmart will add Amazon Affiliate program on your website. Let’s know about Amazon Affliate program Offered by Amazon.

Amazon, the largest internet company by revenue in the world, focuses on e-commerce and digital streaming. Once ordered, it may deliver products on the same day.

But did you know Amazon also gives you a chance to earn money while sitting at home. It provides a paid linking service called Amazon Affiliate Program.

Thinking about how you can earn this extra money just by recommending products that you use personally? Then you are at right place.

Flipkmart will provide you the service and add Amazon Affiliate Program to your website. We will provide professional service and optimize your site to the best. You will start earning in no time.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon Associate Program, is a way to monetize your blog, website, YouTube channel or social media. It’s a free service provided by Amazon to attract more traffic on their site which eventually increases their sales.

If you have any website or any other digital platform where you write about different products and suggest them to your viewers then you can simply attach a link of the product (provided by Amazon once you register) with your content.

Whenever someone will click on that link and will purchase something, you will get referral fees for the sale made.

What are the benefits of Amazon Affiliate Program?

1- Amazon Affiliate Program For Participating Affiliates
🔹This program helps you to make additional money on your content.

🔹you can provide link for the specific product which you personally think is most suitable.

🔹Providing the specific link makes your content more trustworthy and approachable.

2- Amazon Affiliate Program for Merchant
🔹It diverge more traffic to the merchant’s website.
🔹When referred by the influencer, product’s goodwill increases.

What are the types of Affiliate Marketing?
Mainly, there are two types of affiliate marketing:
Pay per Sale
For every purchase a consumer make by clicking on the link provided, you will get a percentage of commission on that sale.
Pay per Click
In this type of marketing, you will get a referral fee once the link is being clicked on. Whether the sale is made or not, nevertheless you will have your commission.
Amazon Affiliate Program is a pay per sale kind of marketing.

What are the different ways to promote Amazon Affiliate Link?

You can recommend products and services, provided by Amazon, through different ways. Some of which are:

Through Blog
If you are a blogger, then you can provide specific links of the products on your blog. Instead of just giving advice, you can present the same product testified and verified by you. It will surely help you connect with them on a more personal level.

Through Website
Having a website is indeed a way to promote Amazon Affiliate Links. Just display the link at an appropriate place, where it is visible to most of the people and is approachable.

Through YouTube Videos
Any You Tuber can paste the links in the description box of videos and can earn through promoting.

Through Social Media Platform
Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be used to promote the links and increase your income.

What are the requirements of Amazon Affiliate Program?

If you are a digital influencer on any platform, then you can easily be the part of this program. You don’t need anything other than a platform and an audience to promote and earn. The more the reach of your content is more will be the commission.

What are the fee rates of various products?
Amazon provides a number of products and services to choose from and promote. These products and services are categorized and each category is put under different slab of rate of commission.

so that it will be more convenient for participating affiliate to know that their product comes in what percentage. Below are the rates and some categories as per mentioned by Amazon in 2020:

Table 1- Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories
For more rates and information visit Amazon Affiliate Program page.

24 Hour Window Rule
There may be customers who won’t buy your recommended product immediately. They may wander on different sites and compare them with the product, whose link you provided.

But what if after researching they order the product directly through Amazon and without visiting your website? Will this reduce your chance of earning that commission?

Well no, when any of your viewer who click on the link or add the product to cart but don’t buy it immediately, there is no need to worry. Amazon creates a 24 hour window on its own.

If the customer visits the site again in 24 hours and checkout the product from the cart, you will still get your commission.

This rule maximizes your profit and make sure the promotion is fair and square.
Commission on Affiliate Link plus other products in the Cart.

If any of the customer who have clicked on the affiliate link and added the product to cart, purchases other products within the same cart, you will get a referral fee on all those products. This is a great feature which increases your income without even sharing the link.

Use of Link Localizer
You might notice that your audience is from different countries. Amazon have country specific website for different countries.

When you will put up a link, that link will be of the country that you are situated in. So, you need an automatic system which will lead your viewers to the website available in their country.

For this you will need a facility called Link Localizer. Amazon has 12 different country specific website.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate?
First of all, you need to go to Amazon Affiliate Program page and register. Secondly, you will have to provide some information like website name, account information for the payment and then you will be joined as a participating affiliate.

Finally, you can easily create link for any of the product or service and start earning just by sharing the link on your platform.

What are the means of Payment?
Once you will add more traffic to the site and help them make some sales, you will also start earning your commission.

You can check the statistics related to conversion, sales made etc. anytime from your Amazon Affiliate account. Now you can be paid by various means:

Direct deposit-
You can receive payment directly into your account. It will be proceeded into the account, whose information you submitted while registering.

In this method, of payment Amazon will add to your balance once it reaches to $10.
For receiving the payment through check you will be asked to provide a mailing address. In this case,

Amazon will hold on to your payment till it reaches up to $100 plus $15 as check processing fee.

Amazon Gift Card-
In this method, gift card will be sent to your primary email address and your payment will be hold on till it reaches $10.
Which strategies to adopt to maximize the profit?

As you may already know, the more the reach of your content is the more will be the commission but there are some more ways to increase the income.

These are:
Highlight the Link-
While putting an affiliated link make sure it is visible to most of the people. Giving the link red/blue colour will make sure that it pops up among other text.

You can choose colour other than red or blue but these are proven to be catchy to the eyes and hence serves the purpose well.

Use banner and images-
For website owners or bloggers, Amazon not only provide link for promoting the products but also gives you other tools like images and banners which are hyperlinked directly to their product page.

You can choose among different options and then put as per suitable.
Provide more than one option-
Whenever you recommend a product, you should keep in mind different prospective of different people.

You should give them an opportunity to choose among more than one product. So make sure to put links of three or four products, explaining which one you prefer most and why. Also, let them know the difference between one another.

Facility of Link Localizer-
Having a vast audience from different countries will obviously help you earn more but only if you provide them with the link of products available in their country.

Here, link localizer plays a vital role and make sure that your viewer is escorted to the right place.

Special Discounts-
You can also give special discounts to the people who visit Amazon through your website. This can be done by collaborating with the merchant and providing a discount code to the customers.

Analyse your crowd-
Lastly, you should analyse various aspects related to your viewers like their age group, gender, place where they live. This will help you make improvement in your future content and will give a direction to go further.

Can you earn more as an Amazon Affiliate with a WP website?
The answer is definitely, YES. This is the simplest way to monetize your website. The only thing you have to do is register for the program, which is absolutely free.

Once you will have a good reach and a good number of viewers, you will start earning soon. You just have to put content regularly and should see what your viewers want more from you.

Final Thoughts on the program
Whether you are starting as a new influencer or you already have a large viewership, nevertheless you will get benefit from Amazon Affiliate Program.

This will monetize your platform and at the same time help you build a deeper connection with your audience. They will see that you are approachable and reach more to you. This will be a great step to take.

We understand this information and procedure may be overwhelming for you, that’s why we provide you the service. Get your Affiliate Program done today and start earning.

We will only charge you after the job is done. Your site will be handled by professionals and they will optimize it in the best way possible.

Make your investment today and start your extra income while sitting at your home.
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