As the spring season at peak, Elderly of Beverly Hills, Newyork &  Atherton need special care at home. 

As the spring season at its peak, Elderly of Beverly Hills, Newyork &  Atherton need special care at home.  

What they can Do at home?

Yoga &  breathing Exercises – 

Yoga &  breathing Exercises very Good for Everyone, specially Elderly who are dealing with health related problems.

Light kind of yoga Elderly Can Do Easily.

Prayer at home –  Prayer this is the first practical step. At all cost it must be achieved. In others words incessant- efforts must be made to make one self God Child.

What foods Elderly need to Take

List of  foods need to take.

Watermelon, blue berries & black berries so good for Elderly.

Bottle gourd + cucumber juice At morning around 8 to 9 am.

If you not allergen to certain juice above you can take..

Always maintain your Daily time routine for taking foods.

Remember if you are taking breakfast at 8 am  then always take your breakfast at 8 am tomorrow..

If you take lunch at 12 pm. Then next day always take lunch at 12 pm

If you take dinner at 8 pm,  then next day take dinner @ 8 pm.

Lifestyle changing is very necessary for Elderly people.

Remember if your stomach will clean then your health will be super.

Engage In Growing your own  organic vegetable at home –

Growing own vegetable at home is best for their health if body allow you. You will get year around vegetables at home.

It will save your money &  engage in activity will keep you fit.

You can choose vegetable of your choice but best will be to grow bottle Gourd,   beans, Sponge Gourd.

If your digestive system is poor. You can Eat papaya.

Water- About 60% of our Body made of water. It eliminates thrists. Water boost brain function. Water keep enhances metabolism.

How to eat? Some people eat food within 5 to 10 minute thats wrong practice. Eat small portion  at the time.. Take half hour to eat foods.

Smile & laugh can help you fight any underlying disease. Research say, Regular laugh &  smile make you look younger.

3 yoga steps Elderly can do At home.  Light hand exercise, Alom vilom, kapalbharti-nirvan.

Always Remember first you Need to take salads then fruits &  Then boiled green vegetables of your choice.

If your Digestive system /Digestion is not good,  then try to eat boiled papaya vegetables. Boiled moong  pulses khichdi. Moong Pulses known to Aid digestion.

Clapping is Easy &  Good Exercise Any Elderly can do Easily. It help in circulation of blood all over the Organ & body. Clapping good for heart health also.

It also Aid enhance asthma associated problems by encouraging function of nerve terminal that connect this particular organ.

After Brush in The morning. Amla(gooseberry) &  Aloe Vera juice you can take.

Daily Drinking of Aloe Vera &  Amla(gooseberry juice) is Belief to combat & heal a variety of digestive disorder like Constipation, bad digestion, Gas &  Acidity.

During this Covid – 19, corona virus It’s Better to Stay home. As most of the celebrity live in Beverly Hills &  Atherton Quarantine themselves as a precautious measure.

Menlo summer fest 2020 Canceled for July month.

Coming to Topic, what Elderly/Senior citizen can Do at home.

If you don’t know any Exercises nor want to just Walk in your home gently.

They Can walk with small steps within their home & in their garden.

It is Believed Morning Sun Namastey(Soorya Namaskar) help you to loose weight As it work on lower body portion as it strengthen legs, ankle & feet.

For Rosy Beautiful & blooming skin you can do this on Regular basis. It fight insomnia & it also detox your Body.

Sun Namastey also help in better digestion. Women’s who are suffering from Menstrual cycle problem. It Aid to Regulate Menstrual Cycle.

Can you Light a candle at home for Doctors, nurses, health care staffs & front liner fighter.

Conclusion – Elderly can Do whatever they want to do at home but do Remember God Prayer you should do Each Day. This Action must be done.

Result of Action is Reaction that is the only process of Transformation how??

The mind will undergo the process of purification, resulting in its becoming a mirror. It will then function like a mirror.

It will then function like a mirror to reflect the image of God. When the practice of God prayer Grows intenser &  intenses the devotee will realise the Glory of devotion of donation  proportionally. Gradually.

he/she will begin to Observe through this mirror the inward & upward words through the medium of God fine bodies.

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Do follow social distancing & Stay healthy forever.

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