Black Lives matter : Support BLM revolution spirit

Black Lives Matter Revolution
Black lives matter a revolutionary change in the world that influenced each and everyone across the nations.
For years now, the black people have been suppressed, suspected, succumbed and suffocated to death.

In Context of Black lives matters . They are continuously hated for their color and the race they are born in and judged by others for every action performed like eating, working, walking, talking and sadly the list goes on. Their lives are constantly in danger as people like them(but with less melanin) are trying to make them endangered.

Some Questions pierce me through..

Have you ever wondered does black lives really matter?

Do people need to protest against others for saving their lives even in this century?

Why is everyone supporting black lives matter moment? How do I relate to this?

What should someone do to stop all kinds of violence?

Are these kinds of questions constantly hitting you?

Do you really want the answer for them?

Do you feel helpless, unanswered, outrageous, uncomfortable, unhappy, abandoned, grief, etc(every other negative feeling)?

This is the exact situation where “BLACK LIVES MATTER” started in 2013 after the 17-year-old black teenager Trayvon Martin was killed ruthlessly by Mr Zimmerman, the white policeman at Florida. However, that was not heard properly as there are no cctv clippings, social media support, and a lot of reasons.

Before answering these questions of black lives matter ,  firstly, imagine that you were out for a store to buy your necessities but became so conscious cause a police was constantly at your back and suddenly shot and killed you brutally with his gun just because you looked suspicious.

There are many examples like attacks on Breonna Taylor, Micheal Brown, Eric Garner and so on that are even unimaginable or left unnoticed. Some of them are not popular and others are wantedly not made popular.

But as the years passed, the black people eventually felt dishonored, disobeyed and started to revolt for their basic rights after the recent incident of George Floyd. This is when the actual Black Lives Matter social media tag eventually started becoming a revolution.

What happened to George Floyd that united BLM spirit ?
In the times of pandemic, this incident that took place on 25th of May made everyone across the world break the quarantine rules and support George for the pain he witnessed under the knees of Derek Chauvin(white police man).

On the day after his arrest of using $20 counterfeit bill, Floyd actually has to be sent to jail for further investigation but was murdered mercilessly in front of other passengers who are warning Derek to step back. Later, it became a riot as the whole eight minutes video of constant pleading for allowing to breathe was all recorded clearly in the cameras.

This video went viral with the hashtag blacklivesmatter and melted everybody’s heart and soul that made the government dismiss the policemen involved in it and sent Derek to jail. The rage lasted for a week but events like these are happening till date that are strictly to be avoided.

How to avoid these ?
As a human being we have rights to live and at the same time let others to live. There are many incidents happening against the rules around the globe from child labour to caste system to corruption in which oppression is taking place in one or the other way.

All these can be deleted from the world by proper education to each and every citizen, knowledge that promotes right building of the society, wisdom that makes people treat others as thyself.

All the circumstances are taking place by the pride that grows due to the higher race person or a group showing harsh actions towards the lower race person or group which makes them a misfit. So there should not be any kind of differences in the position or race.

We must educate the generations to be kind with fellow beings and respect their culture and the way they are. If there is any kind of injustice, never be calm cause not opposing the negative people is also a crime. So, always raise the voice against the hard-hearted actions and support the victims.

In the well-developed and highly technological 21th century, discussing about the race's, castes and community equalities is the regretful scenario that can ever happen. Let it be any kind of war or battle of wellbeing, the slogan must always be "Every living creature's lives matter" not subjecting to one single set of beings. If the problem lies in one particular class, then we must give a thought whether mankind is really developing or not and the education we have.

There must always be wellness in all possible ways and in all possible directions without disturbing nature and others. Remember to spread love and be kind in every possible way.

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