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What is Android App and its relation with source code

Android App Source code
Android application source code
(resume builder/CVmaker)

Android app source code is coding part of Android App. It is a mobile application owned by Google. All most each and every person in this world have their own smart phones.

We all know how these smart phones work and what are the applications that are needed to run the smart phone.

Most of the smart phones run either on android or on IOS. And the applications that run on android smart phones need an android app source code.

Without the android app source code no application can be developed and as such you cannot use the android smart phone properly.

There are many websites which claim to sell Android App Source Code for a very nominal amount.

Either most of them will contain viruses or will be full of bugs that will make it harder to work.

But flipkmart provides you with an authentic option where you can buy Android App Source Code along with the reseller rights. This will help you in a number of ways.

What is an Android App Source Code?

An Android App Source Code is a specific code that is used to develop applications for an android smart phone.

No application can be built without a source code. You can easily get these Android App Source Code on here.

The android app source code comes with reseller rights and as such will help you make your own product an also resell on your own website.

The language used in the Android App Source Code is mainly java and either you can make a new app using the source code or resell it using the reseller rights.

Android App Source Code With Resseller Rights

flipkmart offers customers a brand-new deal to buy an Android App Source Code. And the best part is this app source code comes with reseller rights.

This means you can either create an App using the Source Code, or you can resell it on your website. The usual price for the Android App source code on flipkmart is 110 dollars only. But due to a special offer,

The Android App source code with reseller rights is being sold at a price of 100 dollars only.
Once you buy this source code for yourself.

you can either create products using your own brand name or you can resell it to others to make more money. This is mainly a time limited offer, so hurry up and grab the deal.

You will also get the chance to get self-employed. This reselling of the Android App source code will provide you with a hefty amount if sold properly, and you can use that money to get for yourself a great and lavish lifestyle.

Benefits of the Android App source code with reseller rights

There are a number of benefits of Android App source code. Once you purchase it from the website, you will be able to make your own android application and submit it on google play store.

This will result in your application getting verified and scanned for viruses. Also, it will get available to the millions of Android users all across the globe.

Once you submit the application on google play, you will get your own private license for the application.

As a result, you can make changes according to your wish in the app infact on Android App source code and also include in-app purchases.

The choice of price for the in-app purchases solely depends on your wish and how you want to modify it.

Some more benifits of android scource code

The Android App Source Code also supports admob ads. As a result, you can add the admob ads along with the in-app purchases to your application. Even if you are a non-programmer, you have nothing to worry about.

Any one can buy the Android App Source Code with reseller rights from the website and resell them, making profit to their own will.

Once you have made the product or the Application, you can use it. Also, you can resell the Android App Source Code on WordPress or any other websites like PHP, Laravel, JS and any other website.

The best part is you do not to use a creator to build any app. Thus, it saves all your time that you would spend on coding or researching on the product idea.

Since this Android App Source Code is mainly used to make a resume builder app, everything hasalready been put in and you just need to design according to your own wish.

The Reseller rights help you to create your own business profile. The creator has already coded and put in everything, and you just need to put in some basic details to create the app.

Once done, resell it, grow your business and make money. The greatest advantage will be that you will be getting 100% profit for each sale that you will do, and for each download of your app.

The Reseller rights along with the private label rights license holder will enable you to keep the whole sale money for yourself without having to share any royalty money with the creator.

This will help you gain the whole profit for yourself.

With the help of the Android App Source Code, you just need to develop the product apk by editing the source code and submit it to the Google Play Developer Console.

You will be saved from all the effort of coding, idea, designing and programming the algorithm as everything has been done by the creator.

Just make the required changes and edits, and see your application going live on Google play store.

Features of the Android App source code

Android App source code is one of the most helpful things , If you were wishing to be an entrepreneur.

Then will have complete control over the Android app that you will make and you will receive the whole profit.

No royalty money or no payment to anyone. Also, your earning will increase as more resales happen and you will feel like a boss. There are some features of the App source code:

💠 It is mainly an Android a

App Source Code that is required to make a resume builder application.

💠 Full Android Application source code.

💠 Easy to Reskin & generate Apk & upload to Google dev console.

💠 Admob Integrated (layout admob setting required)

💠 Fully functional & optimized

💠 You can use this on multiple project unlimited times.

💠 Reselling you can do.

💠 Either you can make new Android App from this or Resale.

💠 Java language is mainly used.


An Android App source code is typically important if you want to develop any application for an android phone.

We provides you reseller rights, so that you can make an app for yourself and also resell the code so that you can make more money. And you can live your life being an entrepreneur.


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