Come home soon daddy Even if not bring toy

Come home soon daddy

Come home soon daddy Even if not bring toy…

Please get me a toy from the toy store away from seven seas. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get me a toy but come home soon daddy.

Ever since you left for states my condition is not right. It’s getting doesn’t feel like home without your presence. The moon,  the stars, the walls the windows and doors keep asking me when this agony go away.

When will you arrive daddy? Come home soon daddy. Mom stopped singing lullaby and I’m unable to go to sleep. My toys broke, relationships with friends broke.

Please don’t put us in agony just come home soon. And don’t ever leave us and go just come home soon daddy. This is not a letter nor a paper, but it’s the love for you trapped in the distance and helplessness.

A father – the backbone of the family

A father who gets food, who gets clothes, who built us home and who is the sky to a little bird. A father’s presence is everything he brings out my mother’s womanhood. A father presence fulfills kids dreams and a father gets all toys home.

A father wakes up and rushes before sun rise hunting for food. A father sheds his blood out to earn money unaware of sleep, unaware of where he is, taking responsibility of a complete house and gets food for us.

He Doesn’t care if he is sick but cannot see us in pain, rushes to the hospital for medicines a father gets food for us.

Every father should be happy and be the jolly friend to the children and always protecting form difficulty. My fathers gets food for us traveling across seven seas, come home soon daddy, even not bring me toy.

To you your father should be as a god, / One that composed your beauties, yea, and one / To whom you are but as a form in wax, / By him imprinted and within his power / To leave the figure or disfigure it.”

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