Delhi air turned hazardous on diwali but one area noted in green category.

Delhi air turned hazardous on diwali
AQI by aqicn

Delhi air turned hazardous on diwali once again but surprisingly one area being noted in green category.
As, NGT banned firecrackers during diwali ..
As the pollution increased severly from week or so .

Delhite completely avoided firecrackers baring few & celebrated diwali with lights & many even switch to home made sweets & enjoyed delicious foods like puri & paneer sabzi.

Coming to delhi air turns hazardous in many area but surprisingly one area turned in completely pollution free green category, area locality name gazipur(samaspur) & AQI index noted only 16. PM 2.5 at 38 and PM10 noted at 8.

This is surprising & great respite & relief from pollution. As PM2.5 is more expected to move into and deposit on the surface of the deeper parts of the lung, although PM10 is more likely to deposit on the plain of the immense airways of the top region of the lung.

On yesterday’s diwali night Air Quality index recorded very severe category , delhi air turned hazardous on diwali but air quality will be likely to improve significantly in coming days as Western disturbance supposed to better Delhi’s air quality as Diwali went over.

It will be likely to rain on sunday that will further reduce pollution. A fresh wave of western disturbance is supposed to accelerate the air speed and significantly improve the air quality in delhi-NCR post Diwali. according to the India Meteorological Department.

Particles collected on the lung surface can persuade tissue damage and lung congestion & inflammation & also affects respiratory tract.

What made gazipur(samaspur) air surprisingly turned into green ✅category ?

Few factors to surprise how Air turned green in ghazipur(samaspur)

➡️ It is one of largest dumping site of delhi

➡️ It considered village outskirt of delhi

➡️ it known to be air polluted area most of the year .

➡️ it is connected to NH24 , Delhi- Meerut Expesssway. Considered to be very busy road.

Despite all these odd , Air Quality index of ghazipur turned green & AQI recorded 16 at 5:28 am today’s morning is big surprise or mystery & huge relief for the area residents.

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