E-book and how to get passive income from it.

E-book and earn passive income from it.
E-book & Earn income from it

Table of contents in this post

What is an E-Book ?

How it is important to get recurring passive income for ‘Self Employed People’?

How to get an E-Book?

How can you buy/sell an E-Book?

Can we make our own E-Book under our own brand name?

Pros and cons of E-Book

Can the author get a 100% price on an e-book?

In what formats e-book is available?


Tables of contents

Earn income from E-Book is possible.

Let’s not stick to the routine article format of beginning the topic with definition and all.
I will narrate a story instead and we’ll dive into the actual content progressively.
Well , there is a friend of mine who is an NIT student ,Apart from being good at academics, he is very good at English literature ,good at writing stories , quotes and poetry.

Life from his side is going well, got placed in a good company ,Working at pune etc etc.But his love towards writing is still prickling his heart.A lot of short stories were left untouched in his hidden folders.
What should he do to make his talent reach the world of the readers?

Option1: Quit job and start persuading his writing Passion
Option 2: Run at the back of people begging them to publish the work
he did earlier
None of the above helps him
His interest towards writing is more like a
“Passionationate hobby ” than a “Profession”.

Therefore the better option is make an “E-BOOK” and sell it online.This is what he did.
Now moving on to the actual content.

  1. What is an E-Book ?
    The modern era is no longer sluggish.
    But why is it so?
    It’s just because of the huge digitalization in the Universe.
    Can you imagine a digitalized world still using kilos and tons of books to indulge knowledge?
    Of course No .Then what can be the perfect alternative?
    An E-Book . Agree peeps?
    Abbreviated as Electronic Book, is the digital publication of a book.Simply electronic version of printed books.All the e-books may not be available in printed version and vice-versa. It can be read on digital platforms like Desktop, Laptop,Mobile,Tablet and EReaders like Kindle,Nook etc.
    2.How is E-book important to get recurring passive income for ‘Self Employed People’?

Consider the story above,
What if the student is very good at literature with bundles of backlogs ?
The only option left with him is to pursue his career in literature with less investment or no investment.This is how E-Book helps a self employed person in getting passive income.

Coming to the ‘Recursive’ part and yes the income is recursive
Let me explain with the example again Ever heard of this E-Reader Kindle by Amazon (If no here is the explanation , Kindle is a device used to read e-books and has a subscription monthly or annually just like the popular Amazon prime Subscription.

We can read/see over a million books there with in that specified period) Kindle pays their authors by the no. of pages read from your book by the users(if your book is under self publishing term or in simple words under free reading category).

Apart from this Kindle provides n number of schemes to its authors for eg:Making their book rented for a specific span of time and many more.
And thus the income can be referred to as recursive

3.How to get an E-book?

There are innumerable devices and apps providing E-book today.

The best and the most popular one in the market is Amazon kindle.
However this is not the only option to read ,our very own Smartphones (used with proper apps installed like pdf reader wps.) Here is a list where can get it.

Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble Nook
Hanlin eReader
PocketBook eReader and many more.

4.How can you buy/sell an E-book?

There are thousands of online retailers including Amazon,iBookstores,Barnes & Noble or directly from the Author’s Website.

5.Can we make our own E-book under our own brand name?

Of course you can, Every single thing today is just one click away and E-book creation is not an exception to this.We have a few inbuilt platforms providing you with all the customized templates ,editing options,adding pictures,inbuilt pictures options…….

The best platform I found for E-book creation online is ‘CANVA’
You can either choose free and premium accounts to work on this amazing platform .Its easy and user friendly.
Let me give a quick introduction about :-

how to create your own e-book in ‘CANVA’.

Step 1: https://www.canva.com quickly log on to this website.
Step 2: Type ‘US Letter Document’ in the search bar provided
Step 3:Now you can see hundreds of templates (including blank page) choose one as per your wish.

Step 4: Here comes the customized editing you can add pages, delete them ,add titles ,subtitles, add pictures from net or upload your own picture ,delete picture ,edit text, copy text ,delete text,add background colors ,remove them…

Step 5: Once you are done with the editing part you are ready to download the e-book created , you can see a blue toolbar at the top, On which you can see few buttons like share ,download etc. simply click on the download button to get it downloaded.
And that’s it you are ready with your awesome E-book with your own Brand Name.


6.Pros and cons of E-book

Easy portability.
Lower Prices compared to published editions.
No Paper So eventually no tree is cut in the name of Book Manufacture.
Can you carry 10 books to your hometown while travelling?No right.But you can carry 10 E-book in your laptop or mobile which weighs less than a book
Comfortable Reading
Easy searching option(ctrl+f ⇒ help find you the require topic without any pain of turning thousands of papers)
You can read them with no light in the room
You can adjust the font size as per your eyesight which is a big issue in traditional books

Nothing from God’s creation is full of pros.So here are the few trending cons on E-book.

E-book demands complete eye ball’s attention on the device which is dangerous and causes serious eye issues.
You need special device to read it.
Loss of written content , When your computer/ mobile is corrupted by virus ,there are high chances that all the files may get deleted which you can’t get back again or accidentally you yourself may delete the files.


7.Can the author get a 100% price on an e-book?

Well I am not too sure about this but most of the website’s answer to this question is ‘No’.
As per Amazon Kindle ,
When you are uploading on platform KDP(Kindle Direct Publishing–used by authors and publishers who wish to publish their work independently) can expect 70% of the price published in the website if e- book price is between $2.99 to $9.99.
On the other hand if it costs less than $2.99 or more than $9.99 Amazon pays only 35% .
In this way different retailers have different pricing and paying schemas.

8.In what formats e-book is available?

E-book won’t stick to a particular format on every available platform. As the platform changes the format also changes. A few platforms and e-book formats are here under


Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook
Nook Tablet

Apple ipad

Android Devices

Sony Reader

AZW ⇒ Amazon world
PDF ⇒ Portable Document Format
TXT ⇒ Text Document
EPUB ⇒Electronic Publication

Summing up , E-book is a big boon to the millennials today.Considering the situation going on today (I mean the corona lockdown .)Professors and teachers are teaching classes online.Well and good.But What about the notes and reference books , Here comes the Wonderful creation again .

Most of the engineering students are attending online classes and are about to give their exams online today just because of E-book.

"Libraries can’t provide as many hard copies of textbooks as the students require".

Being an Engineering student I always prefer E-book to normal hardcopy of text book .This is because we won’t be reading the entire 1000 pages book and need only few subtopics which were not mentioned in the index of the book , this lands you in a situation to search the entire book or entire chapter at least .This process is sooo annoying and time killing.

Therefore opting an E-book methodology of study will be far better than using traditional textbooks.But make sure you don’t spend working on your laptop or phone for more than 8 hrs .

To get this you need to have your own website & then you can start sale your own E-book under your brand name & then you will get 100% Royalty from it.

You can get any kinds of website best will be if you are non programmer then I’ll suggest Go for wordpress website. It is user friendly & easy to use.
We will help you To get your own wordpress website. Contact us if want to it.

If you are serious & want to get 100% Royalty from it but don’t know how to make it. We will make it for you & also we will also publish on your wordpress website like this E-book , so you can sale it. You can Contact Us & Quote your requirements . you only need to provide us An article in simple post . we will Response you as soon as possible.

Get your custom eBook from us & create chance to become self Employed

You will get 100% full Earning . No need to share Royalty-
Some key Benifits you will get:-

You will be your own boss by getting your custom eBook
Life time earning potential you will Get.
Sooner or Later you will become self employed.

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