Guiness Book Of World Records Certify Bob Weighton is The World’s Oldest Man

Newly became World Record Holder, Mr Bob said -” I can’t Say I am Pleased to hear that the previous holder has died but I’m very Pleased that I have been able to live so long & make so many Freinds.”

It’s Now Sanctioned Alton’s Bob Weigh on is the World’s Aged Living Man As Amended by Guiness Books of World Records.

The Advert was Timed to Accompany with Mr. Bob’s:- 112th Birth anniversary On Sunday,March 29 but among the present code of conduct Around social Distancing a Guiness Records Investigator was Unavailable to Meet Mr. Bob in person As they Typically would.

In lieu, the cosy Living abode wherever Mr. Bob lives Organize for “Happy Birthday ” to be sang to him above his balcony & awarded him with his certification, Everything from safer Distance to laud this Striking Breakthrough.

The Testament were examined by Guiness world Records, Senior Gerontology consultant Robert young Mr.bob ware presented the record title, After chitetsu Watanabe from Japan, died on Feb 23,2020,Aged 112 years & 355 days .

Mr. Bob wear born on March 13,1908 in Kingston -upon -Hull, Yorkshire &ware one of seven buds. Mr.bob ,As he grew up, stayed in school, Tell he was 16,his father compensated an added €3 a semester

Amid,here he undergo The Marine-enginerring training Mr. Bob, shortly afterwards shirted to Taiwan were he completed 2 years Acquiring/study mandarin & perform preaching at the Missionaries school.

In years, 1937,Mr.bob married Agnes. She was an Teacher. The Duo had Earlier applied during their Research in England. In Taiwan, The Duo had their 1st baby born. Then they chosen to move to the Britain in 1939.

Nevertheless, After the 2nd World war happened, the Family were Shifted to Canada. (Toronto) As staying in Canada Mr. Bob’s Agnes has given birth to 2 more children & has been ultimately able to comeback home to the United kingdom. After the world war has been finished in 1945.

Once Mr. Bob finally settled up to the Britain, He picked up a Teacher post , at City University, London ,Mr. Bob Till Now has 10 grand & 25 great grand Children. In March 2018, he Famed became a Super Cantenarian.

Kane Tanaka Presently the Oldest Lady’s person living & famed her 117th birthday in January. The Oldest person Ever forever (Male) is Jiroemon Kimura held from Japan, Born on April 19,1897 & died away. Aged 166 years & 54 days on 12th June 2013, that’s make Mr. Bob four years & 51 days away to beat this Record.

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