How hard is to make an Android Application

It would be very hard to make android application if you are complete beginner. You should know basic of Java & all design pattern. Knowledge is key to making Android Application.

Few things required to make Android Application . First you need Google Dev console account. Then you need to activate international payment to link with Google account, then you need latest version of Android studio.

You must do proper planning & must analyse how your Android Application will behave. Atleast few months do Require to make productive application. It will be very hard to make Best Quality android application if you don’t know proper coding & Object oriented programming knowledge & concept.

If you still Desire to make it, you need to utilize your time in learning coding specially Java.

You need to utilize & devote your one full year. In hours you have 8760 hours. It would be very hard for anyone to continue to work for long working hours.

So you must give few hours time everyday for your proposed android application . You must need to Question yourself & Research & Research Online how android application can be made.

You need to make list your self which application take less hours to code & which kind of android project take time.

I’m telling you my journey to make android application. I was so curios to make android application from scratch even I don’t know coding at all.

Then I Research & Research several hours, even years went passed away but didn’t left dream of making. I keep pushing hard on learning & Research.

Then after years of hardwork slowly I got to know architecture of & finally make & publish my own Android application. Attaching screenshot.

This is image of Real live android application available on google play

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”

🔝According to apj Abdul qalam

There are many things to learn to make android application. It’s look so complicated at beginning if you Have zero coding knowledge but things going bit easier as you spend time on learning.

Java learning is main language to create. As you know it being coded in Java.

If you challenge yourself you still can made your Android application quickly but remember Quality application require Time.

Always follow Google guideline to making APK.

Process of making Android Application.

You need to purchase Google Developer console Account license from Google by paying fees.

If you wish to make it faster you need to purchase Google Developer console Account from before. As you will require to concentrate your time in coding & development.

Keep motivating yourself you will do it. If you continue to learn one full year with honesty then you will definitely publish your application.

Make sure you already have laptop or high version of desktop computer So you can install latest version of Android studio easily.

Then you need to Add source code of your desired application. As there is tons of website you can purchase source code. Then you must know where to put your code in Android studio.

Once you understand where to put your code in Android studio.
You need to Add your desired application name, package name in project . When you completed coding project you need to generate apk.

Do Remember one thing You need to code & generate apk everytime when you update. Privacy policy also need to make for your every application.
When you finished & you successfully generated apk.

Now then you will require to upload apk on Google Dev console. It would be not hard to submit apk on Google Dev console if you successfully made your own apk.

It generally talk few hours to few days depend upon your application to publish live on Google play.

I have successfully published few application on Google play. You can install & understand my Android application. If you want your own small Android application like this below app

you can contact us.

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