How to Get Rid of paypal 10002 error on your WordPress website?

As you have Successfully made beautiful website. But you Can’t Accept the payment As payment Gateway in your site is not working. Whenever someone trying to ordering products by visiting your site.

As soon as he hit buy now button, The message displayed ‘

An error occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact The Store Owner for Assistance.

It’s very Frustrating to see this error & you feel helpless what to do & how to do.

After this message appeared, you feel sad & want to contact developer to solve the problem..

Many Developer don’t know how to solve this problem or if They know Asking for high fees to solved this Error.

But Back of mind you also think if I give my user name & password to developer than what will happen..

For security reason you don’t want to share the credentials because it’s sometime Risky to share credentials details.

So, It’s better to solve this problem By expert Guidance or person who already solved this problem, who can tell you better how to solve this issue.

If paypal payment gateway don’t work then you can’t accept the payment. This will affect e-commerce, blogging, digital selling business severely.

If Your wordpress website business is Dependent upon paypal payment then it’s must your payment gateway is working properly & smoothly.

As you know millions & millions of people use this payment gateway all over the world whether you live in California , London Or NewYork.

I solved this problem by Researching almost a year & learning Thousands of hours.

I have published Ebook to Solve this PayPal error 10002 issue. I described it step by step.

You can buy this Ebook here. I hope your problem will be solved by Reading this E.

I hope You will start earning & accept the payment Sooner As soon as your this above error issue is solved. You can contact us if you still find any issue.

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