I do not want my parents grow old| thought of life without them torment me up

My Heart do not want to see my parents grow old. Think to live without them not easy.
Childhood is the most blissful period of life; they say. Indeed they say that right. The innocence, the blithe, and the pure joy of infancy can never be found again at any stage of our life.

It puts us under illusions of fairy tale like perception of life that nothing wrong can happen ever. Childhood paints many colorful dreams on our eyelashes: dreams about the fancies of adulthood.

Most of us shall remember being impatient to grow up in order to face the exciting adventures of adult life. Of course the special privilege of being a child is to be under the protective wings of our parents.

It is only after we become an adult we realize the constant threat that those protective wings can cease to exist.

Remaining under the guidance of our parents is like to live under a cool and comfortable shadow of a huge tree. But now we are under the danger of being exposed to heat and sun as my parents grow old.

Time Flies By As Soon as I realize my parents grow Old.

I have witnessed the relationship shared by my parents with my grandparents intermingling with attachment, care and respect.

To watch my grandparents grow senile, being struck with forgetfulness, helpless, and become physically weaker day by day really scares me.

I perceive the future where a similar fate waits for my parents as well. The recurrent bouts of gout suffered by my mother or the graying hair of my father remind me that they are growing old as well. My journey into adulthood also implies my parents’ ascent to elderliness.

This realization makes me shudder with restlessness. I want to try hard to restrict the advancement of time. Instead time proves to be like a handful of sand. We never seem to hold on to the moments we cherish the most.

How Shall I Find Perceptible Destination After My Parents grow old and Beyond

I have grown up and learned to take responsibilities and each day I am learning something new.

I strive perennially to turn into a self-dependent individual who shall not require any support to exist independently. Yet the thought of spending my life without my parents aches me.

My future appears to reside in an empty void where nothing seems to bear any significance. Apart from the material comfort that our parents provide us the huge emotional support we receive is of paramount importance.

Their constant effort to shield us from any sought of disappointment and sorrow makes the problems in our life more bearable. They provide us the strength to wade through the gravest difficulties.

Even the scolding and chiding we get from our parents exhibits their incomparable concern for us.

I Can Never Repay What My Parents Did for Me:

I can drop my mother to the market in my scooter so that she does not have to walk with her gout. I can plan to buy an Air conditioner so that my father and mother can sleep comfortably during the hottest nights.

I can also take them to destinations they had wanted to visit but could never go. I can dream about fulfilling each of their aspirations they had sacrificed for my sake but deep inside my heart I know that repaying the debt I have towards them is beyond my ability.

The sleepless nights spent by my parents when I studied for my Board exams or my mother’s constant attention towards my every little needs display their unconditional care.

The realization that they expect nothing from us but only to see us prosper is what makes them invaluable in our eyes.

Actually we are dependent on them a great deal more than we think. Even the idea that we can repay the amount of love we receive from them seems beyond logic and belittles the value of their affection.

My Recurring Nightmares as my parents grow old from before

As my parents grow old from before, Images of my future nights sting me as I wake up from my fretful dreams. Ghosts from tomorrow haunt me, disturbing the sleep of my tranquil nights.

My subconscious juxtaposes ominous visions with my otherwise bright future aspirations. My eager mind longs to look forward towards a sunny tomorrow but still it is threatened by an inevitable circumstance that is yet to occur.

I try hard to convince myself with the words of Daniel J. Boorstin;
We suffer primarily not from our vices or weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by those images we have put in their place“.

My attempts at convincing myself do not turn out to be quite as easy. All of a sudden I find myself yearning to travel back to my past- back to the innocent days,

where I used to be protected so dearly and stay that idyllic charm forever. Surely that does not stand up to be the remotest chance.

The Universal Design

My heart writhes, begets uneasiness. I wonder whether I have any alternative but to remain in this blackness of insecurity. However a miracle does happen.

Amidst the darkness of my agonies an epiphany comes to me. Time is invincible and whatever is inevitable is bound to happen. By this time I realize that illusions have hazed my thought process made me fear the universal design.

It dawns upon me that brooding about the future shall help no one. Instead the best thing possible for us to do cherish the treasures we possess at present.

After all life is like a very long novel where characters like us fret and suffer never caring enough to see the brighter side. It remains hidden behind the little joys, sight of our beloved ones.

The primary goal of our life is to soak them all, enjoy them to the fullest extent, before the divine hand puts us into that eternal sleep.

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