Laxmi hospital – The very best hospital located in the heart of Varanasi.

Situated in the heart of city Varanasi, Laxmi Medical and Surgical Care center has been established to provide world-class medical and surgical services at affordable rates.
With ventilated rooms, aseptic conditions and workers employed specifically to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, this hospital gives top-most priority to its patient’s health and comfort. Patients are provided with friendly and well-trained nursing staffs, dieticians and twenty-two full time medical officers to look after them.

It has 100 beds, all equipped with Central Oxygen supply and suction points. There are four fully-equipped operation theatres for Neuro-Surgery, Cancer patients, Infected Cases and Non-Infected Pre-Planned Surgery. The operation theatre staffs are nationally renowned and have been trained in prestigious institutes such as Fortis heart Institute of New Delhi. They undertake all kinds of surgery like Oncology Surgery, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery etc. with good quality and advanced surgical instruments. Added to it, many surgeries are performed with Operative Microscope.

All processes are followed as per international standards and protocols. It provides its patients with 24*7 Accident and Emergency Department which has efficient staff to meet the immediate requirements of emergency cases, a spacious labor room, totally separated ICU area, six Intensive Care Unit i.e Medical, Surgical, Neo-Natal, Pediatric, Cardiac and a separate Burn Intensive Care Unit which is one of its kind in Eastern U.P.

In addition, hospital has its pathological laboratory with various apparatus to treat all kinds of diseases. Apparatus includes CT scan unit with Radiologists and technicians, Dialysis unit with machines, separate wing to carry out Ultrasound and Color Doppler, both digital and plain X-Ray machine etc.

Hospital provides separate air-conditioned rooms with required facilities to infectious patients, who needs to be isolated. This ensures healthy environment for all the patients.
Pharmacy, ambulance and canteen facility is available round the clock. Every small requirement is taken care of. Hospital has installed many water coolers to maintain water for cold and hot temperature, and water available is always R.O purified. For patient’s comfort, it also has two advanced lifts.

Not just that, hospital is also running Laxmi Nursing Training institute to produce well-trained nurses.

Proper records of medicines and treatment of all patients are maintained for future reference. All data is collected for doing research work. Laxmi hospital has a patient-centric approach and it’s looking forward to bring-in new techniques. With its excellent services at affordable rates, it’s the most trusted hospital amongst the people of Varanasi and Eastern U.P, and indeed, the very best.

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