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● You will make your own android apk & submit to google play .

● As you will get private label license
So you being allowed to fully edit layout of your choice anyway you want under google guideline.

● You can even put in app purchase on project & choose price according to your choice.

● You can put admob ads plus in app purchase features After you made application.

● You will still can earn & sale this source code if you are non programmer .

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Buyer Not Require to create your own project

This process has been simpily already done for you by the original project Creator. Hence you don’t need to spend time on coding effort & researching on the idea and on going demand.

writing creating the whole android project which you might or might not aware or have the expertise to deliver
So all.

you only need & have to set up your online Business via utilising this Reseller Right plus Private label rights Android Application source code provided by the project creator and grow & marketing your online Business.

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100% of the profit you will keep after each sale you will make.

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With all the hard work like coding , designing , idea , programming , algorithm and advertisements, so you have saved lots of your time hence , you just require to launch your android application source code.

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Rare opportunity to earn from Android App full source code .

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You not only can edit the source code plus you can modify it also within this source code project theme .

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Android application source code Features:-

Android Application name – resume-builder-master

1- Full Android Application source code.
2- Easy To Reskin & generate Apk & upload to Google dev console.

3- Admob Integrated ( layout admob setting required)
4- fully functional & optimised.

5- You can use this on multiple project unlimited times.
6 – Reselling you can do.

7- Either you can make new Android App from this or Resale.
8- language -Java

Payments safe cheakout

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    VEry Useful source Code 👌 I WILL use In MINE Next projects

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    Nice Android code 👍👍 do you make android application development?

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