Buy Gur Lakhta (Jaggery Lakhta)


Buy Gur Lakhta in Varanasi. Get Delicious fresh Jaggery home made Gur lakhta.


Buy Gur Lakhta (Jaggery Lakhta) in Varanasi. most delicious famous Gur lakhta made from Besan and Gur (Jaggery). Varanasi Famous Gur Lakhta is sweet, soft, non-sticky and nutritious. It is pure natural made purely from jaggery & besan (chana)in a way like it is homemade

✅100% Natural & Veg

✅100% preservative free

✅ Tastefull & Delicious

✅ soft & Non sticky

✔️storage Instructions: Store in dry place, Away from direct sunlight. Store in airtight container. ✔️

Note– Minimum Lakhta you can buy is 500Gm

Maximum Quantity you buy is 2 KG(1000gms)

By Default 500gm Gur lakhta will be added & booked

Price of Gur lakhta is 8 pound /KG

50 Rs Delivery Charges.

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