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Parijat Plant imageGet Live Parijat /Harsringar plant together with plastic pot.

plants🌿 height with pot is around 1 feet.

plants characteristic is outside/outdoor -semi shade flowering plants. Basically, Every other day watering useful for such plants.

🔷It’s Rare herb & medicinal plant.

Parijat plant 🌿 can be easily grown in Home balcony, terrace or in small garden.

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Parijat Plant (Parijat flower)🌻
The Parijat Plant flower, also called as ‘Paarijat’ and “Paarijaata” is of a most beautiful, lucid & fragrance rich plant whose flowers do fall on the ground after it bloom out.

The flowers bloom at night and fall down from the branches at the first rays of Light in the morning🌞. Parijat flower is also known as Night-flowering (fragrance rich) Coral Jasmine and Jasmine around the world.

According to folklore, A princess ‘Parijataka’ , who was in crush with the Sun tried to win the heart of the Sun. When he rejected her, she unfortunately committed suicide and a tree fallen from her ashes.

Unable to stand the shadow of her lover, the tree flowers bloom only at night and drop them like tear droplet before the sun rises up.

Some more Details of Parijat Plant :-

Shiuli of Nyctanthes species is the most attractive flower that holds a significant place in the Indian history as Parijat which is binomially termed as nycthanthes arbor-tristis.

This scientific name has been originated from the word “sad tree” for its inability to grow in the mornings. Parijat is a night flowering plant that has it’s beautiful petals on an orange tube like peduncle arranged in a pinwheel pattern.

Parijat plant is the most alluring tiny flower with 4-8 petals that emit wonderful fragrance and releases sweet floral aroma which makes everyone compulsive. Shuili blooms only in the months of august to december mostly after the Ganga Dashehra across the areas of South and Southeast of Asia like India, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia.

In India, Parijat plant is mostly found in the outer Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Tripura central to Godavari in the South. Parijat flower is also considered as the official flower in West Bengal of India and Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.

Medical Uses:
This night flowering Parijat plant has exceptional medicinal values to cure various diseases. Irrespective of the bitter taste of juice obtained from the parijat flower.

It is consumed to treat inflammation, fever, cold, skin problems etc. Along with the bitterness.

it also has the saline nature that has the ability to heal arthritis, sciatica, cough, the major condition of malaria along with intermittent fever are also eliminated with parijat juice.

This process of curing through plants is prominently called as Ayurveda, therefore parijat holds a special place in this medical method with its extraordinary attributes.

The leaves of Parijat Plant are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory whereas it’s flowers are diuretic, anti-oxidative, sedative and anti-inflammatory.

The juice of parijat plant flowers when mixed with sugar is powerful to reduce stomach ailments of children and it’s seeds are so virtuous to cure constipation issues.

Beauty Benefits:
Nowadays, nurturing the skin is the biggest task in our daily lives by competing with the pollution and other problems.

Skin care routine has become a new normal to everyone irrespective of their age.

So people are using different facepacks, scrubs, oils etc and most people are opting for herbal methods where the products are made of plants.

Parijat has potential to amplify the skin by applying face pack derived from its flowers and also aids in clearing skin problems like pimples pigmentation, allergies, dryness and so on.

They even help to rectify all fungal and bacterial infections when applied to skin.

Health benefits:🌼
Having good food can make a vast difference mentally and physically in everyone’s life. Consuming plant based food can make your skin and body healthy and fit.

🔷 Taking this into consideration, the seeds of parijat are also consumed with different food items in various ways to experience the excellent benefits of them.

🔷In Assam, the dried seeds and fresh seeds that are fried to use them in their delicious recipes. In the same way, parijat leaves and flowers are also very much nutritious and consumed to witness impeccable well-being.

The process of adding color or removing the color from a cloth and any kind of substance is called dying and a dye is basically a tinge that makes great difference in the article and makes it more presentable.

Parijat is predominantly used in dying as it gives the yellow color in the mix of its white petals and orange tube attached to the petals and leaves of parijat also gives the golden shade when dried.

🔷The additional benefit to the cloth while using parijat for dying is it’s smell that gives the refreshing feelings every time the cloth is used.

Apart from yellow color, the production of other colors can also be done by adjusting the portions of the mixture and using it wisely.

Parijat is known for its fragrances and the marvellous odour it spreads all through the areas around it.

This bouquet is used in perfumes and sprays that gives a reviving feel and stays for a long time.

Not only in sprays and perfumes, parijat is also used in the making of intense sticks that lasts their odour for hours continuously and are also used for pooja in mandirs.

Mostly everybody loves parijat for its addictive aroma that is retained in the minute and endearing flower.

The tree is very unique in regard to its growth as it cannot be germinated like other plants through cutting the branches to produce other plant.

It even doesn’t develope it’s own fruits and seeds to use them in sprouting.

Parijat is wholly a unisex male tree that doesn’t allow pollination process to take place.

Thus it is placed in a botanical category of Adansonia digitata by the scientists and is also called as hengra bubar in some places.

Parijat leaves grow atypically like the fingers of a hand where it has 5 tips at the lower portion emerging to extend upto 7 tips in the upper portion.

The age of the tree is 1000 to 5000 years and very rigid at the roots with a strongest truck of perimeter upto 50 feet and extended till 45 feet of height.

Planting and taking care of the tree is a great skill to be learned in the case of Parijat that include pro tips like not pouring stagnant WATER.

Growing the tree nearing the standing water bodies is a big no in the case of Parijat tree.

While the plant growth is taking place make sure to give sufficient amounts of compost and also learn the skill of trimming it wisely whenever and wherever needed.

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