Donate plasma,save life of COVID patients

Plasma donation can save Covid -19 patients life. Less people get chance to save other people life. Donate plasma, save life of COVID patientsThe coronavirus is raging throughout the world and the country. Already millions have been affected all over the world and lakhs have been affected in the country. Scientists are still working on … Read more

Remdesivir drug shown promise in treating corona, COVID-19 critical stage patients.

Remdesivir drug became very effective in Treating COVID-19 critical stage patients. What is Remdesivir ? & how it being effective against Novel covid 19 ? Remdesivir is a all-around antiviral medication developed by the biopharma organization  Gilead Sciences. It is administered through intravenous injection (IV) In 2020, remdesivir is being observed as a particular treatment for Novel COVID-19 & have been sanctioned … Read more