Top 10 payment gateways in the world

There are Many Best Payment gateway in the world. One of the most important aspects of owning an online business is to have a safe online payment platform to draw in potential customers.

Why one need payment gateway ? 

Whether you own a prodigious business or run a website, sales is the paramount facet of it all.

Where funds are involved, every online business owner would want their customers to have a positive and hassle-free experience during payment checkouts so that they come back again and don’t spare a second thought while engaging money online.

Hence, one of the essentials of an effortless purchase experience is a well-grounded payment gateway.So,

What is the purpose of a payment gateway, anyway?

One, these gateways encrypt sensitive information such as credit card payments and provide data security which ensures a safe transaction on both ends. Two, they save immense time that you would have spent otherwise manually jotting down the information received.

Three, they’re flexible at providing customers with various methods of payment.

Let’s make things easier for you. Here is a refined list of the-

Top 11 payment gateways in the world.


PayPal is no doubt one of the best and the most secure online payment service which is used worldwide by both large and small scale businesses.

Highlight: Accepts more than 25 currencies. Hence, making it easier to conduct transactions across the world.

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Like cell is to the human body, Dwolla is to payment gateways. Here is another smooth service provider in the technology.

Highlight: The API integration provides you with app activity tracking, customer management and transaction details literally on your fingertips.

3-Amazon Payments

Here’s another trusted payment gateway that is recognized worldwide. Fun fact- Amazon reported having 310 million active customers across the globe.

Highlight: It’s API driven and hence, you can customise Amazon Payments as per the theme of your website.

Here’s a perk- The whole transaction is completed on your website itself.


It is another colossal global service that provides great payment solutions for all types of businesses.

Highlight: It accepts around 300 ways of payment from all types of cards to mobile wallets.

5-Western Union

Here we are on the third-largest payment gateway in the world with business transactions of over a whopping $150 billion.

Highlight: Western Union supports all kinds of transactions; through retail or by phone and also over websites.


This payment gateway is moulded exclusively for online transactions and it caters esteemed customers like Pinterest and Slack.

Highlight: Stripe provides a secure and quick set-up that is also customizable.
Bonus-You can even purchase products directly from a tweet mention.


2Checkout provides customisable services with a smooth checkout insight that makes your experience even more seamless.

Highlight: Enables you to draw in more international customers by providing a service to 87 currencies and 15 languages.


WePay is another convenient payment gateway that tailors itself according to the needs of your website.

Highlight: Steers complex payments like multiple payers. Also, it supports modern payment methods. provides with a great transaction experience to all kinds of businesses by providing trusted payment options.

Highlight: Provides a free security service of Advanced Fraud Detection Suite.

10- Payoneer

Here’s another worldwide transaction gateway that caters all kinds of businesses-be it small scale or large scale.

Highlight: Payoneer is serviceable to nearly 199 countries across the board making international transactions safe and convenient.

11- PaySimple 

Add your e-commerce website with PaySimple payment gateway to obtain the best digital billing services at the fewest price.

When the world is eagerly searching for new mobile application or web app development current payment gateways, PaySimple give its customers a simple and best way to transfer money around the world.

Highlight –

The gateway is packed with technologies to integrate all kinds of money transactions, including debit & credit cards.

Recurring payment collection is yet another feature PaySimple. The main heighlight of PaySimple are it’s custom rich features for assist users in payment-related work.

Voila! You’re ready to transact safely across the globe now that you know all about the best payment gateways in the world.

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