Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World

There are many luxary train in the world but some train is ultra luxarious and royal feeling to travellers sit in.

  1.  Deccan Odyssey

     Deccan Odyssey  is one of the india most luxurious trains, with  ultra comfortable private cabins, lounges & also a luxurious spa car available.

    Recently  reviewed by IRT founder Owen Hardy, ‘The Deccan Odyssey is a  luxary class act. The staff is excellent; very capable & ready to please. The food is incredible, all cooked  made fresh on board. The outings are well-planned & guided.’


The train has 12 cooled dozing vehicles with two suite types: Special & Official.

The train takes a limit of 88 visitors. Each resting vehicle has a little parlor region toward one side, where the vehicle orderlies welcome visitors with cool beverages & towels after every day of visiting.

Grand Lodges

Grand lodges are 95 square feet, with four for every vehicle. These have twin beds or huge twofold bed & en-suite shower, sink & latrine.

Official Suite

Four Official suites (205 square feet) each take up a portion of a train vehicle. These suites have enormous twofold bed (6 ft. 8 in. x 5 ft.), separate parlor with couch and work area, and two restrooms.

 Visitors who book Official Suites will profit from a confidential vehicle and guide during many off-train journeys, as well as included drinks from the bar vehicle, clothing administration and room redesigns in lodgings.


Wonderful feasts are perfectly served in the two coffee shops, with a decision of Mainland and Indian food, ready and served by staff from the widely acclaimed Taj Inn Gathering.

Off-train eating is much of the time Indian food as it were.

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World details…


Public spaces proliferate: a bar vehicle with full-time barkeep; gathering vehicle with plasma-screen television, library, and business focus; and spa vehicle.

The spa vehicle is particularly novel, with two back rub treatment rooms, sauna, salon and, surprisingly, a little exercise room.

“The greatest luxury is being free”

– Manolo Blahnik

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World details…

2. Rovos Rail’s Pride of Africa

     Rovos Rail’s Pride of Africa  is a ultra luxury train which is run by Rovos Rail. It is considered as the “World’s Most Luxurious Train.

It goes through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. Rovos Rail was first established in year 1989.

Many seasoned IRT Society travelers consider this is  their favorite train.

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World details…

Honored not only for its old-world charm, the train is deservedly proud of its excellent dining service, amazing South African wine list & friendly on-board service.

In brief, the entire travel experience always meets the highest luxury standards.


There are three sorts of convenience, among the most room in the business. The train obliges a limit of 72 travelers.

All lodges are furnished with a composing surface and, for resources, an individual protected, as well as USB ports for charging gadgets.

 In the en-suite washrooms, unique fittings join with the cutting edge innovation of hot showers, hair dryers and shaver plugs.

All compartments have a plenty of windows, ideal for respecting the African open country.

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World details…

Pullman Gold Suites

At 76 square feet, the Pullman Gold Suites are the most “Austere” — in spite of the fact that updates in 2020 have made these lodges essentially more agreeable.

 Divide twin beds (or one twofold bed) convert to couch seats during the day. These have full en-suite restroom, as well as an overlay up composing work area.

Exclusive Suites

For quite a long time, these were Rovos Rail’s “standard” lodges, yet they are enormous and delightfully delegated, in correlation with other extravagance trains. There are three to each prepare carriage.

 Special Suites have either one next to the other twin beds or huge twofold size bed and en-suite latrine, sink and shower. These Suites likewise have a little parlor region with composing work area and two seats. They measure around 118 square feet.

Illustrious Suites

Illustrious Suites take up a portion of a train vehicle and measure around 172 square feet. The bed can either be a lord or next to each other twin beds.

Unique highlights incorporate en-suite washroom with Victorian bath and shower, and a different, confidential parlor with work area and two easy chairs.

Living in the lap of luxury isn’t bad except that you never know when luxury is going to stand up.

-Orson Welles

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World details…

One user reviews

  Yes Rovos Rail’s Pride of Africa it is the most luxurious and most exciting train in the world and the friendliest crew.

3.Belmond Royal Scotsman

Belmond Royal Scotsman is a ultra luxary train of scotland.  

Its rank among the world’s most rich trains, the Belmond Regal Scotsman joins Edwardian style, connoisseur eating & stunning landscape in one extraordinary experience.

Ventures range from a 2-night tester of the lofty Good countries to seven days in length investigation of Western Scotland.

” Happiness is not a luxury. It is a necessity. When we are happy, we are in the best possible place to be good to ourselves and those we love”.

Suze Orman

Top 3 Ultra Luxary Train In The World details…

Come to the train, you will  be blessed to receive connoisseur eating utilizing nearby fixings, immaculate help and locally available amusement.

One User reviews “The service was absolutely amazing, the attention to detail impressive, the quality of food & drink beyond reproach