Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA

Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA
Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA

Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA

  1. State Farm (17.06)

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       State Farm is a  America multinational  Auto Insurance Company.  Its started  in year  1922, it is the largest  auto insurance company in the United States.

   Its market share is 17.6% . Marketwatch give State Farm Auto insurance company,  a rating of 9.4 out of 10.0 and awarded it Best Customer Experience in year  2023.

The company’s rating was collected from five of key performance areas of reputation, availability, coverage, cost &  customer experience.

“ Getting insurance is your responsibility to your family and loved ones. You may hate it but it is your responsibility” – jeremiah say

Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA

Berkshire Hathway Inc


       2. Berkshire Hathaway:- Berkshire hathway is a auto insurance company  that offers auto insurance coverage for public vehicles like limousines & ambulances. Berkshire hathway founded by warren buffet.

Berkshire hathway market share is 13.45%. It is second largest auto insurance company in USA.  This company cutomer review is Nice.


     Progessive is America 3rd largest insurance company in USA . Its market share is 11%.

    Progressive offers a lengthy slate of discounts and a wide range of coverage, including  rideshare insurance and coverage for pets injured in a car accident. Progressive Auto insurance company is rated No. 4 on NerdWallet’s 2023 list of Best Car Insurance Companies.

Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA
  • 4.Allstate Corp

       All State corp is the  4th largest auto insurance organization in the usa . They occupy 9.22% market. Their tag line say it all how good this company is.

You’re In Good Hands With Allstate.

Their Pros points is :

Lots of coverage options, including accident forgiveness, new car replacement and a safe-driving bonus every six months.

Offers rideshare insurance in many states of USA.

Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA

5. USAA :-  


 USAA is fifth largest auto insurance companies in the usa. It occupy 5.88% market in USA.

But USAA is only available to active & retired military members and their families.

This includes active-duty, former military, cadets, widows, current or un-remarried spouses, and children.

USAA combines low car insurance premiums with high customer satisfaction.

Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Organization in USA
  • 6. Liberty Mutual


Liberty mutual is the 6th largest auto insurance organization in the world.

Liberty mutual hold 4.79% market share in the usa.

Some pros of liberty mutual are as follows :

Notwithstanding an incredible arrangement of limits, Liberty Mutual offers supportive discretionary inclusion types, including a “deductible asset” that diminishes a driver’s deductible by $100 every year they do without a case.

Policyholders with rental repayment inclusion gain admittance to  Liberty Mutual  valet claims administration. With this inclusion, a valet driver will carry a rental vehicle to you in the event that yours is harmed yet at the same time drivable and will, drive your vehicle to and from the repairman for fixes.

 Liberty Mutual can be an extraordinary decision for educators. The organization pays for things like the deductible on the off chance that an educator’s vehicle is vandalized during school-related occasions or up to $2,500 in repayment if showing materials or other school-possessed things are taken or harmed while in the vehicle.

Top 7 Largest Auto Insurance Companies in USA….
  • 7. Farmers Insurance


Farmers  insurance is the 7th largest auto insurance organization in the world. It have 4.27 market position in the USA.

Some Pros :- PROS:

Customer service gets high marks from policyholders

Most are satisfied with claims resolution, according to poll results