Top 8 Best Room heater to buy in india

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Top 8 best room Heater to buy in india

Look Top 8 best room heater to buy in India.. Reviewing it honestly so you can buy best room heater for you..

Tugging yourself under the blanket, in the chilling winter is a different feel. The warmness in that cold climate is all we need. If we get a chance, we never come out of the bed only.

But anyhow as for earning we need to travel and work, we make up our mind and come out of the blanket. But the most, most challenging part in the winter season is first bathing second resisting the cold.

When the temperatures fall to 10 to 5 degree Celsius, just closing the doors won’t help you. You need something which can spread warmness in the house, wrapping around with blanket is a good idea, but unfortunately while working it won’t work.

So, making your life easy in that ice-cold winter, heaters were introduced into the market, so that you can work whole day peacefully without trembling or shaking.

The best thing about the heater is it not only keep you away from cold. It even gives warmness to your family members.

In India, specifically northern and easter side, winter is observed in peaks. And its too difficult to go for work as discussed before.

And even you will struggle for sleep to in that freeing days. And in these times heater is the best option to maintain enough warm heat and warmth inside the room to have a good nap and work comfortably.

Before checking out the top 8 best room heater to buy in India, let’s check out some of the essential points related to heater like

• what safety features to consider while choosing a room heater?
• What size is better for your room, how to decide the size?

After checking out all the points, you will get clarity while buying what points you need to stress on. Let’s discuss the above points:

A. What safety features to consider while choosing a room heater?

Whenever we but anything we should think about the safety only. Just because of our convenience we can’t risk our life. Same goes with the heater, before buying a heater you should check the following safety features.

Overheated protection
As the work of heater is to warm your room, it produces a tremendous amount of heat, and if the quality of the heater is not right, its wiring will be affected and which result in short circuit.

So before taking a heater, once check the quality and its giving overheat protection or not.

Cool to touch
As family consists of al the age group, along with kids and pets. The fear of kids and pets roaming nearby the heater and hurt themselves is constant.

To avoid the unfortunate thing to happen, while buying a heater, check it offering cool to touch feature or not.

As in this outer layer is made up of heat resistance element, which will not allow the heat to affect the external body, and avoid the accident of burning by coming in contact with temperature.

More about Top 8 best room Heater to buy in india

Tip-over cut off switch.
These features allow you to avoid the damage. As if accidentally the room heater falls then this key will help you to turn the heater immediately.

Protective Grills
As discussed in the overheat protection, for transmitting warmth, the coil generates a tremendous amount of heat, which will have a fear of accidental touching of coils which may cause a severe burn. So protective grills help to avoid the accident to happen.

Auto Power Cut
This feature is the best. As after reaching a specific temperature, the heater automatically powers off itself. Which will help you in 2 views, first safe your energy and money. Next, it aids in avoiding an accident.

B. What size is better for your room, how to decide the size?
According to room size, you should take a heater. Best suggestion is to buy an ideal capacity of room heater. If you take a heater which consumes high power, obviously it will consume more energy and release more heat.

That big heater if you are opting for a small room then it’s a waste of energy and heat. So, for making it easy, there is a calculation:
The capacity of the room heater= Area of room in Sq ft×10

Ideally, for a room ranges from 8- to 120 Sq ft, you should go for 800 to 1200-Watt heater.
And for a room of 140 to 200 Sq ft, you should go for 1400 to 2000-watt capacity.

As all the essential points were covered, let’s check the top 8 best room heater to buy in the India market.
Top 8 best room heaters in India

  1. Orpat OEH 1220 to 2000
    Type Electric Fan Heater
    Area 250 sq. ft
    Wattage 2000
    No. of Heat Settings 2
    Warranty One year
Orpat OEH 1200-2000

It is one of the top best room heater to buy in india market. It comes with lost of excellent features. It is loved because of its designs too.

The orpat OEH 1220- 2000 is budget-friendly, have a compact, and you will get it in an elegant white colour. Its compact size makes it to consume less electric and uses less power to operate. So, it makes your electricity bills in your budget.

The orpat OEH 1200-2000 is perfect for the small and medium room, as the heater comes up with two heating setting. First one uses 1000 watts of power while the second one consumes 2000 watts of power while heating the room.

It gives feature cold to touch, as ensure that the body will not be going to get heated even when the heater is working. It comes with a guarantee of 1 year.

So , By judging it with personal own experience . I can say that it is one among top 8 best room heater to buy in india.

Pros Cons
• Budget-friendly
• The design which you will love.
• Compact.
• Easy to operate.
• Less operative voltage. • May get overheated.

  1. Havells Calido PTC Best Fan Heater
    Model No Calido (Fan heater)
    Colour Two Variant (Gold / White)
    Coverage Up to 150 sq. ft (Ideal for a small/medium-sized room)
    Heat settings Two heat setting- 1300 W and 2000 Watts
    Weight 2.78 Kg
    Product Dimension 27 x 22 x 36 cm
    Material Plastic body + Ceramic heater
Havells Calido PTC Best Fan Heater

It is one of the best heaters as provides faster heating. It offers oscillation function which allows the whole room to g=get sufficient amount of heat.

The best safety feature it will switch off automatically if anything went wrong as heater falls or trip over accidentally. It is one of Top 8 best room Heater to buy in india.

The heater has overheated protection feature. Havells Calido PTC Best Fan Heater is very lightweight, and that makes it more lovable.
It appears with a guarantee of 1 year.
Pros Cons
• Effective in heating
• Portable
• Elegant design
• Extended cable
• It has a dust filter
• Produce less noise. • The body is a bit delicate.

  1. Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater (Steel)
    Type Electric Fan Heater
    Area Small Room
    Wattage 1000
    No. of Heat Settings 1
    Warranty Two years
Bajaj Flashy Radiant

As the brand itself says it all, Bajaj is well recognized and reputable in the Indian market. Apart from brand fame, the heater is also providing you with the best quality.

The heater comes with affordable price, well designed, and is user friendly.
The heater is having Nickle chrome plated which will resist from the corrosion.

The room heater offers complete safety from heating. It also provided with cotton braided cord for safety purpose. The style and design are something you will fall for if you are searching for a small room.

The heater provides 1000 watts which ensure the warm reaches every corner of the room. For firm support, the body comes up with a flexible stand.
It appears with a guarantee of 1 year.

My uncle using this room Heater with no issue so I can say that it is one of top 8 best room Heater to buy in india.

Pros Cons
• Budget-friendly.
• Compact design.
• Corrosion design.
• Safety for overheating.
• Flexible support to stand.

• The heat setting is only back drawn.

4. Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter
(Room heater with fan)

Colour White & Black
Coverage Up to 150 sq ft
Heat settings (2 Heat setting) 1400 watt as well as 2000 watts
Weight 2.53 Kg

4.0 out of 5 stars

Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter

They have 2000 watts comfort room heater is an ideal spot heating and best ting it comes up with double safety of overheat protection and safety mesh grills.

The heater is offering cold touch body, along with the integral handle, which will ensure safety for your kids.

The room heater comes with an adjustable thermostat control knob and even customizable vent angle for smooth delivery of hot air.

The most satisfying thing about this heater is you can use it as a fan in summer and heater in winter. A good investment all you can say.
It appears with a guarantee of 1 year.

Pros Cons
• Provide overheat protection.
• Thermostat control knob.
• Have the option of cool fan function.
• Cool touch body. • The size is the primary concern,

  1. USHA 423-N Heater
    Type Electric Fan Heater
    Area 150 sq ft
    Wattage 2000
    No. of Heat Settings 3
    Warranty One year
Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector with Over Heat Protection & ISI Mark (Black)

Usha is a widespread and most trusted brand in the Indian market. In every household you can find the brand, especially in kitchen appliances it’s the most lovable brand because of its quality.

In the heater to it comes with good quality. It is meant for 150 sq ft, that means it is apt for the small to medium size room. The heater comes with 665, 1330, 2000 watts.

It has two fan speed and twin-turbo, ensuring better heating. The heater is lightweight and has night indicator, side air inlet grills which will make your life easier.

It appears with a guarantee of 1 year.
Pros Cons
• It’s lightweight.
• Portable, because of its size.
• Comes with three heating position.
• Heat protection for extra safety.
• ISI mark. • Work only for small rooms, not apt for large rooms or halls.

  1. V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000
    Type Electric Fan heater
    Area Under 100 sq ft
    Wattage 400, 800
    No. of Heat Settings 2
    Warranty N/A
V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000 Room Heater

The V guard gives you perfect warming for small rooms. The elegant and compact design makes you fall in love as you can keep it anywhere; it takes significantly less space.

The heater is without any noise, which helps you to complete your sleep without any disturbance. It comes with a dual heat setting of 400 and 800 watts respectively.

It switches off itself if the temperature increases. If you are searching for a less watt heater like 400 watts, this one can be the best choice.
It appears with a guarantee of 1 year.

So All this great features I can say that it is one among top 8 best room Heater to buy in india

Pros Cons
• Compact in size.
• Portable as it is light weighted.
• Easily portable.
• Dual heat setting
• Elegant in design • The size is tiny so that it can be used only for a small size room.
• Only available of 800 watts power.

7. Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Room Heater

Model No and Type Bajaj RX 11 (Fan heater)

Colour White

Coverage Up to 150 sq. ft

Heat settings 1000 / 2000 Watt

Weight 1.74 Kg

Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater

The Bajaj heaters come with two heat setting, auto thermal shutoff and a thermal fuse to prevent overheating. It is designed for winter and summer too. For winter it works as a heater and for summer as a fan.

✅ Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 approves by BIS

✅And can be fitted in horizontal as well as vertically.
✅It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

So , By seeing This features and from personal experience I can say it is one among top 8 best room Heater to buy in India

Pros Cons
• Automatic thermal shutoff
• They are provided with thermal fuse to safeguard from overheating.
• Adjustable, durable thermostat.
• It’s an Indian product as if you want to support Made in India. You can opt for it. • No handle provided to carry the heater.
• Make a bit of noise.

8. Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watt Room Heater
Model No Singer SOFR11G (Oil heater)
Colour White
Coverage Up to 150 sq ft
Heat settings 3 power settings – 1700W/ 2300W / 2900W
Wattage 2900 Watts
Weight 13.7 Kg
Product Dimension 66.04 by 60.45 by 18.03 cm
Material Metal and Plastic

Top 8 best room Heater to Buy in India
Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

The singer room heater comes with 3-way heating, which creates quick heat in the entire space—the powder coating fins for restricting rusting. The nylon caster wheels provide effortless movement. It comes with an inbuilt tip-over switch and overheating protection for additional layer safety.

✅It also comes with a 2-meter-long copper power cord.
✅The singer room heater is having two years of warranty.

So, All This Quality and superior features make one of top 8 best room Heater to buy in india

Pros Cons
• The heater comes with adjustable thermostats.
• Provided with cord winder
• Is ISI recognized product.
• Budget-friendly. • Not apt for a hall or large rooms.

The winter is cosy because the room heaters and above information will surlily help you to have warm winters.

The top 8 best room heater to buy in india ..above I review & explained you are having best features, and the brands are well trusted in the Indian market as well as international markets.

According to the room, you select the size of the heater and check all the points mentioned above for your and your family safety purpose. Wish your winter go warm, and you enjoy it warmly.

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