Top 8 Leading Marble Organizations in the World 

Top 8 Leading Marble Organizations in the World

Top 8 Leading Marble Organizations in the World

Marble is marvelous, Marble is for life. Many famous monuments built by exclusive marble class
& quality.

America famous Lincoln Memorial built with finest marble. India Tajmahal is prime example of marvelous marble work.

Washington monuments is also built from marble.

Here we are listing 8 leading marble organization in the world.

1.R.K Marble

RK Marble is world leading indian  marble company in the world .

The company was first  started in a simple warehouse in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, in 1989, & since then has been raise their standards with its quality products & superior services.

RK marble acquired the mines of Flawless White Marble & Cat’s Eye Marble in Vietnam & already started exporting to around 70 countries across the globe.

Top 8 Leading Marble Organizations in the World

This  company launched a innovations through Ninety Degree Stone, introducing a huge variety of exotic stones, surface finishes &  lightweight slabs, to knowledgeable customers. 

2.The Cristallina marble

The Cristallina marble is swiss marble company producing finest quality of marble in 1946.

A quarry with 14 qualities since 1946.

The main quality of the cristallina marble Its crystalline structure, with crystals ranging from 2 to 5 mm, apart from being makes it more brilliant to the eye but also gives it more durability.

Cristallina marble has a very low water absorption rate given its compactness, making it very resistant to frost, weathering, & abrasion. Cristallina marble is 100% natural and local.

3.Prestige Marble

   Prestige marble is UK top marble company Sourcing only the finest quality stone, Prestige Marble in Wandsworth, London has been tremendous  customer expectations since 1999, producing high quality display marble interiors & exteriors in South West London for more than 20 years.

Prestige marble specialise in all types of interior work and external work, including kitchens, bathrooms and flooring in a broad variety of natural stone materials such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, sandstone & also quartz.

Top 8 Leading Marble Organizations in the World

4.Reisoğlu Marble 

 Reisoğlu Marble is Turkey’s one of the leading natural stone production company since 1943.

Its Production capacity is 80.000 m³ at the quarries, 1.250.000 m² in our 3 factories per year.

Efesus Stone collection comprises of slabs, tiles, mosaics, cnc designs, waterjet, accessories and sinks in a wide range of natural stones.

5.Marble Trend

  Marble trend is canada based largest marble company.

Marble Trend was founded in 1983 with the goal of developing a company that could bring to the North American market the world’s best stone products.

 With very  rare  few high quality & exotic stones available in North America, Marble Trend took bringing in elegant raw materials from around the world at reasonable prices.

With an overflow of item information & the assistance of Marble trend  master staff  over 130 years of overall experience. This company assist you with the plan and the particular of the right item for your next project.

Top 8 Leading Marble Organizations in the World


GRANITOS S/A is one of the greatest marble processing companies in Brazil & the largest in the North/Northeast region with a recent average production size of approx. 50,000m²/month of material processing.

Granitos s/a Generate incredible results by creating the largest network of multipliers in the marble industry in the world.


Intermarmor is among the  leading  Spanish Marble Company and has been committed to making special marble collections since year  1968. They trained in marble & granite processing & export to over 50 countries making them one of the top marble suppliers in the world.

Their organization produce around 200,000 square meters of marbles along with natural stone.

Top 8 Leading Marble Organizations in the World

8.AGB Stone

Agb stone is one of best marble companies in the newzealand. Agb stone is one of few company present in nation wide. They have all kind of marbles range that fit according to different individual .

AGB stone have largest purpose-built stone factories in New Zealand, plenty of the best machinery for 100% Stone surface fabrication.