Varanasi coronavirus update|69 new COVID-19 cases in kashi past Wednesday

Varanasi coronavirus update 69 new COVID-19 cases in kashi .
Varanasi Coronavirus update
Varanasi Coronavirus update 69 new COVID -19 cases in kashi although cases fall considerably, Coronavirus in kashi decreasing day by day. Life slowly slowly seems to be back to almost normal .

Varanasi peoples keen to following coronavirus guidelines .As older peoples staying at home unless necessary to go outside for necessary things , work, exercise, medical reasons, shopping for essentials things , or to care for others…

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Varanasi corona virus | 69 people tested positive for COVID- 19.

Report from BHU & Divisional hospital came, A total of 2850 samples came & from 2850 samples , 69 coronavirus cases reported . Most famous Astrologer chandramouli upadhyay also tested positive for COVID-19 .

 he admitted on BHU Hospital after he complained to breathing problem..

He is now recovering quite well from Coronavirus, BHU MS , Said .

88 home isolated varanasi Coronavirus patient turn negative as well as 3 hospital admitted patients also discharged as their report also turned negative.

Health management of Varanasi city preparing data of cancer , Blood pressure & diabetic patients over age 30 on the basis of ward and block wise so they prepare well ahead of winter affect of COVID- 19 in advance.

Health management giving special instructions to Asha & ANM worker to prepare form assesment based on community & based & judge upon their respective number of probable patients & invite them for COVID -19 test .

Even the tourism industry had started getting some business with the arrival of few domestic tourists at the kashi ghats and temples .

The unlocking process & decreasing number of patients had given some relief to small scale industries, street vendors , small and medium shopkeeper like general stores.

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