Westindies beat Bangladesh in 1st test & created history

Westindies beat Bangladesh in 1st test .Kyle Mayers hit  doubled century
Westindies beat Bangladesh by 3 wickets

Westindies beat Bangladesh in 1st test & created history. Westindies created history today by beating Bangladesh in 1st test .

Kyle Mayers brilliant double century on 5th day of test match led westindies historic win .

Performance of this westindies team is extraordinary today . They have lost hope yesterday when 3 wickets fallen out ..

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Nobody Predicted even a draw for westindies team . But what a performance by this westindies team specially their batsman Bonner & of course kyle Mayers huge batting performance.

He came out all gun blazing .. we have witnessed extraordinary testmatch today. Something to remember for cricket fans for long time . From 110/ 3 , westindies scored 285 runs today & seal the 1st test in style .

What a wonderful display of batting performance by westindies cricket team . At one time , It was looking like impossible task & one sided contest when windies lost three wickets Quickly.

But windies batsman specially kyle Mayers outstanding batting performance put westindies always in race today . His calm and composure today’s reflected like experienced batsman.

” A guy making his debut and scoring a double will definitely inspire youngsters”.

– Kyle Mayers
Westindies batsman kyle Mayers Extraordinary knock led westindies win .

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