When to buy and wear Pink Diamond Ring

When to buy and wear Pink diamond ring
Pink diamond ring

Do you love pink diamond ring ? Are you someone who adores diamonds the most?

Have you ever imagined buying the most precious and rarest diamond?

Are you aware of colored diamonds? Do you feel enthusiastic to know more facts about colored diamonds?

Have you been searching for the best engagement ring?

Do you know that pink diamond can do miracles in your life?

Do you know how to take care of a pink diamond?

Then this article will be the best for you to read and gain knowledge about pink diamonds.

Pink diamond ring are the most precious, attractive and desirable stones that are available in various colors and shapes. Whereas colored diamonds are the most expensive and rarest forms of the diamond family.

Among those pink diamonds take the 2nd place followed by red diamonds in cost, quality and many other factors. Pink diamonds are considered to be the world’s prettiest and hottest gemstones that are found in high volcanic temperatures and volcanic eruptions in more than 12-15 unique shades and shapes.

The diamond has been always esteemed the rarest stone, and the most precious of all: among the ancients it was called the stone of reconciliation”.   –  Lewis Vertoman

There are many questions that consistently wander around the minds of the people about pink diamonds. Here are the answers to many of the unanswered queries.

Why are pink diamonds so rare?
Pink diamond ring
are the rarest form of diamonds because they are formed due to unrecognized trace elements in the deep volcanic craters for hundreds and thousands of years. But the elements are not recognised correctly till date.

These elements were compressed in high pressures forming the internal structure, shape and color of the diamonds. Later after years, they were found in volcanic eruptions in very small amounts and with high purity.

This process of formation and extraction of pink diamonds is called plastic deformation. By this process, the purest form of the pink diamond ring are obtained from nature. This is a vast and time taking process.

However, the whole process of waiting for long years to get one single pink diamond was completely omitted and replaced after the invention of synthetic and enhanced forms of pink diamonds by the scientists.

By this great invention, the cost of the pink diamond ring is competitively reduced a lot without even compromising on the quality, shape, clarity and color of the diamonds. This is mainly because

synthetic diamonds are made using ethical and environment friendly methods in very less time, least manufacturing cost and in the same way enhanced diamonds eliminates the time of complete formation of diamonds in nature

by using methods of fraction filling, laser drilling, irradiation etc that, give the correct and perfect shape and size to the diamond and even by reducing the time taken.

Though some people raise controversy in the topic of purity in pink diamonds, they are still made and sold normally with high value without compromising on the cost of the diamond across the world.

The naturally made pink diamond ring are mostly obtained in the areas of Argyle Mine of Australia and some parts of Africa.
Of all the pink diamonds found so far, Daria-i-Noor(186 carats) is the oldest followed by Noor-ul-Ain(60 carats) that are treasured in Iran after so many invasions, then comes the Steinmetz pink diamond and Rose of Dubai.

Graff pink is the latest and greatest pink diamond discovered ever with 24.78 carats. This cost is very much reasonable for the quality and exquisite diamond.

How much is a pink diamond ring worth actually?
As we know, the price is directly proportional to demand and indirectly proportional to supply, the same theory applies to pink diamond ring , as it is the rarest and most wanted diamond in the world, the price varies from hundreds of thousand dollars and above. The worth and value of them would never decrease in any circumstances.

The well known GIA scale is used to measure the purity, cost and other factors of pink diamond. Intensity grading scales like GIA can also give the range of elements.

For pink diamond ring the range varies from faint to fancy deep that have about 220 plus color blends. All these color blends are most attractive, stunning and worth buying.

Pink diamond ring are also auctioned in well known auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s as they are the most virtuous diamonds across the globe. A pink diamond costs $220,000 per carat and $500,000 per two carats.

These costs may vary a bit based on different conditions and constraints but the market value and standards of pink diamond doesn’t change forever.

Is a pink diamond ring a good investment?
While investing money in diamonds, there are many attributes that are to be noted like color, clarity, carat weight and shape. Pink diamond rings match each and every attribute and would never compromise on other features like durability and resistance.

Making pink diamond an investment would be the best idea as the significance of it would never decrease at any point of time. If investing in pink diamond is confirmed, then buying the most popular purplish pink diamond would be the best option, else there is another affordable option like brownish pink and many other colors.

As there are many colors available, there are many options too for good investment. As it is the biggest investment to be done, never forget to take the most important “certificate of authentication” from 3rd parties like GIA and other grading firms.

There are many aspects like these that we will discuss later in this article while discussing when and how to buy a pink diamond. At the same time never undermine any detail in investing on the diamond.

Will pink diamond be used as an engagement ring?
Now-a-days, diamonds are becoming a choice while selecting an engagement ring. In well-known and rich families, pink diamond is indeed the ultimate choice. A diamond coiled on the gold or silver ring is the most captivating ornament ever.

Mainly, the brides are more enthralled to pink color as it signifies royalty, love, friendship, harmony, peace, best, calm, every positive and nice feeling possible. It gives the cute look to the whole beauty and looks of the bride.

Even for the groom, pink diamond would be the best as both bride and groom would want their relationship to be emotionally and mentally peaceful and increases love towards each other.

There is also a belief that pink diamond has the power to make the bond of the couple stronger and lasting. So, no couple will neglect to buy a diamond that has all goodness entangled to it and wantedly risk their bond at the cost of a tiny diamond.

Does wearing a pink diamond change luck?
Even in this new age, people still believe in astrology of wearing gemstones based on their horoscope.

Most people choose normal affordable stones but wealthy people will never discredit the ideal diamonds as they have a major part in this astrological advantage to heal.

In the same way, pink diamonds have the power to create energy and want in every possible field. Firstly, check with your zodiac sign while getting a pink diamond because it shows impeccable results for people who are Virgo and Libra, for Aris, Pisces and Scorpio.

The stone works with negative forces and shows awful results. So, meeting an astrologer before investing in pink diamond is also a quotient.

For people with other zodiac signs, the effects are neutral. Mainly it strengthens the confidence in you that finally helps in your achievement. Always remember, not only luck but hard work is equally important even if the diamonds seem to work miraculously.

Will pink diamonds affect the health of a person?
Health is regarded as the foremost principle for every human being. As the famous quote suggests “Health is wealth”, everyone must concentrate on their health in every aspect of their lifetime.

Coming to the health benefits of pink diamond, the reaction of both pink diamond and the human body are outstanding.

It helps to cure all kinds of sexual disorders like impotency, infertility, increases the sperm count and also helps to cure problems like diabetes and skin problems. Pink diamonds have the potential to heal private parts and urine problems.

Apart from these, they even help to remove inferiority complex bridging the inner peace and strength.

As we are already aware of the negative effects of pink diamonds when they are worn wrong and are not suitable for some set of people, never forget to check with the suitability by wearing the stone for a week or so and checking the effects it shows on an individual.

If the effects are harsh, kindly avoid wearing the diamond. This is only recommended to wear when the outcomes are good or normal.

How to take care of a pink diamond ring?
Pink diamond rings are the most valuable ornaments that anyone could wear. Taking care of the diamond is another major task after investmenting to buy it.

Always remember to preserve it safely when handling tough objects or harsh activities. Wearing it officially for grand events would be the best choice and course of action.

While cleaning the ring, never skip to follow the process of cleaning it with smooth cloth after removing it from solution of warm water and harmless detergent.

Being the most hardest element, other than this process, it’s not needed to do anything to clean and take care of the ring. Never use the ring to perform any other action like cleaning dirt, removing bolts and treating it carelessly.

When and how to buy a pink diamond ring?
Having concluded that pink diamonds are the precious, rare, worth buying and best investment, there are also other peculiarities to be considered. To get one’s hand on pink diamonds, one must be most propertied and ready to invest big.

The pink diamonds are generally bought by directly contacting the vendors by checking with the clarity and crystal clear quality of the diamond. The more the quality and clarity, the higher is it’s cost. As everything is made online these days, pink diamonds are also marketed online at the best deal possible.

you can even buy it online with least possible risk. If pink diamonds are selected as an engagement gift, make sure to check with the horoscope and buy accordingly. Never come down with having a rigid assurance certificate and other qualified tips to assess while purchasing the pink diamond.

Pink diamond ring are the most beautiful and alluring stones that are optimal to buy. They are auctioned in every famous auction house and found on every famous and richest personality. They are chosen as the symbol of optimism and great will. There are many benefits that deem in buying the pink diamonds.

It is also considered as the status symbol in many households. There are even other alternatives that can match with the pink diamond like sapphires and morganites that are pink. Having said that, they cannot compete with the vibe and goodness of pink diamond. Hence, pink diamonds are the utmost choice.

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