Why Android Application Ratings is important in Google play store ?

Android Application Rating is important
Before I can tell why rating in  Important in Google play store,  we should know Few key points.
What is Google play store?
Google Play, previous known as  Android Market, is an America Digital  Distribution cooperation running  & produced by Google. It functions as the Authentic app store for devices running on the Google-owned  Android Operating System. It permits users to browse & Apps created with the Android software development kit (SDK) &  publish  Across Google.
Google Play as well as assist as an online media store, serving music, books, movies, and TV programs. It Earlier was offering  Google hardware devices for buy before the initiation of a separate online hardware merchant, Google Store, on  March 11- 2015, & it also offering news publications &  magazines until the renovate of Google News on Dated, May 15, 2018.
Why Android  Application Rating is so Important in Google play store?
Few key points are following –
1- Android Application high rating increases application visibility in Google play store.
2- If  Your Android application rating will be high, then your application will get high organic   installs.
3-High organic install means high ads revenue application can generate.
4- High Rating boost Application Brand value.
5- High rating boost developer self-confidence.
Developer should make  powerful &  Rich application following proper
    Google guideline of making a Quality application.
Does Low Rating increases the chance of application Removal
From Google play store?
No,  Generally Google doesn’t remove application because of
Few causes can lead to Android applications removal from
Google play store.
1- Layout issues like layout encourage accidental clicks.
2- Application That’s not followed Google guideline of placing
Ads on their apk.
3- If Application motto is to only generate ads revenue without
    Giving proper Application value to users.
This 3 above causes may let application remove from Google play
How to improve &  Get high Ratings of Android application in Google
Play Store.
Few key points are –
1- Make your application Ui &  design clean & easy to understand & use.
2- Make those applications that solved Real life issues.
3- Choose Logos &  screenshot of applications should be of high quality.
4- Application Should be Strictly following Google guidelines of making App.
5- High-Quality clean code one should need to write to Make Android Application.
6- keep updating your Android application if you are getting low results.
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